About Us

 I started Legends Media as an outlet to share not only my work, but my love for sharing stories through videos and photos. I started making Youtube videos in 2013 as a side hobby and over the years it has quickly become my passion. I now share my videos for a living, not only showing my day to day life, but creating content for clients. 

Legends Media is a media company based out of Southern California. We film and photograph everything from events to individual product shoots, but we specialize in automotive content.

People will laugh at you, people will tell you you can't do it, you will fail, and then you will succeed far beyond what you could have ever imagined. Life is too short. Do what you love and f*ck everything else. Be a Legend.


Photo by: @bdeusterphoto
Client List Includes:
O'Gara Coach Beverly Hills
O'Gara Coach La Jolla
MVMT Watches
Ridge Wallets
Toor Knives
RRW Wheels
Ambit Wheels
SD Wrap
TFox Brand